Beyond Silicon Valley Puffery: Lessons from Theranos as Holmes’ sentencing draws near
September 23, 2022

As Elizabeth Holmes faces imminent sentencing following a sensational trial which ended with a 'guilty' verdict, join Stanely, Indy and Andrew in a retrospective analysis of Theranos.


Ill-gotten gains – Economic Disincentives for Trusting Science 
August 10, 2022

Alleged academic fraud in a prominent Alzheimers research paper and a new umbrella study on the effectiveness of antidepressants have opened a discussion concerning the modern approach to pharmaceutical research and development. Join Morgan as he highlights the economic factors which underpin the industry and the importance of innovation in addressing these recent challenges.


The Ethics Behind Neuralink: Elon Musk’s New Venture.
March 17, 2022

Join Amy, Laurel and Philip as they explore the implications that Elon Musk's Neuralink project has for the future of health and discuss the ethical implications of its animal-based testing.


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