Cainz welcome night 2016
Cain welcome night 2016

A student community dedicated to the professional and personal development of members


Get the chance to learn new concepts in finance and apply classroom materials to the real world


Gain valuable experience that will equip you as you in a professional work environment


Get to network with working professionals and other students with similar interests


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A simple and effective way to stay on top of the current affairs, CAINZ releases publications written by students on a variety of topics. With the aim of applying class-learnt theories to news information, writing is a process that facilitates comprehension and knowledge building among other skills. Click on the Digest or the Special Edition and read our past articles. You can also like us on Facebook to receive updates when we publish new editions or share news articles.

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You can connect with us or keep updated with Cainz by following us on our social media pages. If you like our organisation and want to show support, you can like our page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.