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A Fallen Empire: Lessons from Rome for the Modern Citizen
August 11, 2022

With issues like soaring economic inequality and a growing cultural divide dominating the news cycle, it raises questions on how we could possibly resolve these problems. Join Anuk as he takes a step back and explores the world of the Ancient Romans and the important lessons we can learn from their success, and understand how to avoid the mistakes that led to their demise.


Ill-gotten gains – Economic Disincentives for Trusting Science 
August 10, 2022

Alleged academic fraud in a prominent Alzheimers research paper and a new umbrella study on the effectiveness of antidepressants have opened a discussion concerning the modern approach to pharmaceutical research and development. Join Morgan as he highlights the economic factors which underpin the industry and the importance of innovation in addressing these recent challenges.


The Changing Business of Music
August 7, 2022

Join Chamindu as he explores the emerging cultural and technological trends in the music industry.


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