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The Fall of the Soviet Union
May 26, 2022

Join Amy, Laurel, Melanie and Phil as they discuss the historical context of today’s Russian Federation and specifically, how it formed as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Predominantly, this article will focus on the social, political and economic consequences this had on today’s Russia.


Women in STEM and the Gender Pay Gap
May 20, 2022

As our society proceeds with its discussion regarding women’s role in the workforce, join Hirushi, Jana, and Stanley to scrutinise the gender wage gap and women’s role in the STEM field.


Monetary Control and Decentralised Finance
May 19, 2022

Join Jeff, Ray and Sriram, as they cover the ins and outs of decentralised finance, and whether it is possible to create a new financial system that is more trustworthy, cheaper and faster than the current one using this technology.


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