The road to finding a vaccine
October 22, 2020

As of now, more than 170 teams of researchers around the world are still working endlessly to develop a cure, and it is still unknown of when one or more of the 11 vaccines currently in Phase 3 will be approved. Prior to then, we need to take this opportunity to actively reflect and contemplate on the relevant steps in order to embark on a swift path to economic and social recovery for our humanity.


Have universities become the latest casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic?
October 11, 2020

Universities across the globe have been heavily reliant on international students, so much so that it has become Australia's 3rd biggest export. However, in the wake of the pandemic the role of what a University is has come into question. What will Australia's universities look like as we go forward? Here's what Oliver, Aleisha and Qi Rui thing...


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